Afghan Artists
Music Artists

Ahmad Zahir
Ahmad Zahir website provides you Ahmad Zahir's biography, music albums, video clips, photo gallery, wallpaper and interviews.

Dawood Sarkhosh
Dawod Sarkhosh website contains biography, albums, music, video, concert, interviews, and pictures.

Eltaf Hussain Sarahang
Ustad Eltaf Hussain Sarahang website provides you piography, songs, albums, jurney of life and etc...

Farhad Darya
Farhad Darya website contains Farhad Darya's biography, music, gallery, news, press and projects.

Hafiz & Devyani Ali
Hafiz and Devyani website contains biography, albums, photo gallery, videos, news etc...

Nasrat Parsa
Nasrat Parsa website contains biograph, albums, gallery etc...

Omar Akram
Omar Akram website contains biography, music, photo gallery, videos etc...

Taher Schabab
Taher Shabab website contains biography, photo gallery, music, etc...

Painter Artists
Hamid Painting
A talented Afghan artist in Germany presents his great work which he paints wondeerful tableaus.

Hozhaber Shinwary & Parween Pazhwak
Hozhaber and Parween website contains as artistic, painter, cultural, cartoon etc...

Sculptor Artists

Abdul Sharif Azizyar
A talented Afghan artist and sculptor in the Netherlands. Site contains biography and his works.

Berahna Massoum
A talented Afghan sculptor resident in Germany, website contains of his biography and his fantastic works.

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