Afghans in Denmark  
Azadi Newspaper -
Afghan monthly Newspaper about Afghanistan in Denmark.
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Afghan in Finland
Afghan Association in Finland -
Afghan Association in Finland, Photo, language, books and news for afghans.
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Afghans in France
Community of Free Afghanistan -
Discussion Forum of youth Afghans in France in french and persian.
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Afghans in Germany Community -
Germany based website with information, video, discussion forum, photo gallery etc...
Gallery Vision -
Hamid's Gallery Paintings and drawings , a prominent Afghan artist in Germany with the best paintings.
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Afghans in Greece
Afghan Refugees -
Based Afghan refugees blog with the information about situation of afghan refugees in Greece, photo gallery, video, news, etc... Publisher: Maqbool Kohistani.
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Afghans in Holland
Afghan Discussion forum -
Online discussion forums of afghans in Holland.
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Afghans in Norway
Afghanistan Committee in Norway -
The Afghan committee in Norway, an organization to help needy people in Afghanistan.
Afghan Entertainment -
An Afghan entertainmnet website that is made by Afghans in Norway and provides you entertainment programs with jokes, photo gallery, chat, music, Afghan names, downloads and many more entertainmnet programs.
Afghan Services -
An entity engaged in workforce and mediation between the Norwegian and Afghan organizations and businesses.
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Afghans in Russia
Afghansiatan.Ru -
Afghan news and information about Afghanistan and Russia in english, persian, pashto and russian.
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Afghans in Sweden
Afghans Pen Club -
Afghan pen Club and Magazine in Stokholm, made by educated Afghans in Sweden.
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Afghans Students -
United Kingdom based afghan students with information, music, dictionary etc.. for afghans students in UK.
Fanoos Magazine -
Fanoos Magazine, Monthly Cultural, Social and Entertainment Magazine in London
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