Religions in Afghanistan
The Holy Quran is the Muslims guide and 99 percent of Afghanistan is a Muslim. The Quran is originaly in Arabic and in this link is Quran translated into English, Persian and Pashto.

Quran Network of Afghanistan. A multilingual network, teaching the islam and the holy Quran in various cases.

OfoghNavin (New Horizons) an islamic site that offers news and infomation about islam and Afghanistan.

Afghan Shiite (Shia) muslims database, news and information about Shia muslims in Persian.

Website of Sunni muslim community in Iran.
Watandar, a website of the Afghan christian media.

Website of the Afghan Christian community online Television.
Information about history of jews community of Afghanistan.

Jewish virtual library. The virtual jewish history - Afghanistan.
Information about jews community of Afghanistan.
Hindus and Sikhs
Website of Afghan Hindus and Sikhs. website contains culture, religion, history and news.

Based Afghan Hindu Association, Inc. (the "Association") in New York.

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