Afghan Women
Ministry of Women's Affairs
Official website of ministry of women affair's of islamic republic of Afghanistan.

Afghan Women’s Network is an umbrella organization of more than hundred NGO members and 5000 individual members who are committed to support the Afghan women.

Voice of Afghan Women, a website about women of Afghanistan. Author with Shirin Naziry.

Afghanistan Women Council
Afghan women council, an organization founded in Peshawar, Pakistan to support the Afghan Refugees in 1986 by the efforts of a group of Afghan women and  has worked in Afghanistan since 1992.

Orphan Home
Orphan home (german waisenhaus) an organization to help afghan women and children.

The Afghan Women's Mission
Afghan women's mission, an organization with different projects for afghan women.

Revolutionary association of the women of Afghanistan.

Women For Afghan Women
Women for Afghan women , an afghan women organization to help Afghan women.

Worlbal, an afghan women portal that offers news and other diffrent information about Afghan women in pashto.


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